When the South-African team approached us to assist in making participation in an international competition a reality we did not have to think twice.

13 Teams of 3 tasters participated in the First World Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tasting Team Championship held in Priego de Cordoba in Spain on 4th and 5th October 2019.

A fundraiser was organized for South-Africa’s tasters to get funding to send 6 tasters to the World Team Tasting Championship.  Jackie, Marlene, Benedetta, Louise, Fotini, Gert, and Linda (Linda went along as manager).

The teams came from France, Spain, Netherlands, Greece, and South Africa. Participants come from all sectors of the industry – producers, processors, tasting panels, retailers, and consumers.

The event was co-organised by International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Savantes and the Association for Quality Control of the Oils of the Region of Priego de Cordoba (ASCCAL).

Participants who achieve the prescribed scores in the individual tests are eligible to be certified as Associate Savantes or Savantes. Worldwide there are 80 Associates and 5 Savantes. For the Team Tasting event, individual scores were combined with two different sets of tests where the teams worked together.

We are so proud that our teams SA came 5th and 8th out of 13 teams. Job well done and we are super privileged to have some of the best tasters.

Message from the team “A very big thank you from our 2 tasting teams for the very generous donation of oils that De Rustica made. We so appreciate your assistance – it seemed like an oasis in the desert!”

Enjoy the photo library about the experience with us.