Summer Newsletter

Following a cold and wet winter, much needed for olives, we had a good flowering with ideal weather conditions, resulting in a good fruit set. Having had a record harvest the previous season, we did expect a lower yield estimate at this stage, but not considerable. We are working hard to get consistency in our yearly production. Kallie, our extra virgin olive oil connoisseur, is following a holistic approach where each orchard is individually evaluated in its management. This is also an indicator of the approach to be followed regarding the pruning of each orchard to secure a consistent harvest year after year.

It was always part of the De Rustica journey to be able to export our EVOO, creating an income stream related to currency. Being a solo operation, influenced by inconsistency in weather conditions, we could never get into sustainable export programmes because we could not guarantee products. De Rustica took the lead in the S.A. olive industry through the principle of Ubuntu (I am because we are) with the acquisition of Willow Creek Products near Worcester.
This acquisition will provide a platform for all South African olive producers to unite in supply, ensuring consistency and, through that, getting export programmes going, a first in the South African Olive industry. Most importantly, De Rustica’s vision for this acquisition is based on the sharing of success through a culture built on being modern yet simplistic, with an openness to auditing. It is our belief that this is the only way to address increased environmental and international risk, ensuring a stable supply of quality South African olive oil, both locally and internationally.

It is also De Rustica’s belief that the synergy and momentum unleased through this venture will make huge contributions to the improvement of a sustainable S.A. olive industry. We’ve launched our new corporate image on our website, and our Coratina will be the first to carry the new label into Woolworths. We hope to be in store before Christmas.

De Rustica’s Innovative Sheep Management

De Rustica is managing its sheep through an intensive programme. This means we expect an ewe to lamb every 8 months. We have changed now to lambing every nine months. Having four flocks of sheep, they are managed in such a way that we have a lambing every three months from a different group. This allows us to be consistent in the market with lambs and make more productive use of our rams. The extra month we built in was for proper recovery of the ewes before mating. We expect a higher pregnancy rate and an increased probability of twins. We are looking forward to scanning our first group in the second week of December.

Our abattoir is still progressing well, with a lot of compliments on the quality of lambs and cuts being produced. We are currently preparing our stock for the December holiday market.

Cutting and Baling Lucerne at Full Capacity

De Rustica is running on all its cylinders in the cutting and baling of our lucern. We are also monitoring our storage space, given the fact that we are expecting a bumper harvest.

De Rustica Loods Eerste Kunsuitstalling

Ons eerste deelname aan die Open Studio was n groot uitdaging en n baie prettige ervaring. Verskeie kunstenaars het hul pragtige werke by ons uitgestal.  Al hierdie kunstenaars kom uit die De Rust-en Oudtshoorn- omgewing.  Van ons werknemers se kinders wat deel vorm van die Youth Potential South Africa (YUPSA) se na skoolse verrykingsprogram het ons kom besoek en van die kinders kon hul huisies op doek aanskou. Nelton het die pragtige kuswerk geskep van die huisies teen die heuwel.

Meiringspoort Half Marathon

What an exhilarating time it was at the Meiringspoort event this year! As mentioned earlier, we had two exceptional runners representing us in the race. Rain, one of our remarkable athletes, astoundingly clinched the 10th position in the fiercely competitive 12.5km race. His endurance always leaves us in awe, and we believe there are even bigger accomplishments awaiting him in the future.

The event drew an impressive crowd of 3200 participants, creating a vibrant and energetic atmosphere. The camaraderie and support among participants made it an event to remember.

Adding to the excitement, we had the pleasure of hosting the Fiesta TV team on our estate. They learned all about olive oil tasting! Their visit extended to the Meiringspoort event, capturing the essence and spirit of the marathon for a wider audience.

Gastehuis /Proelokaal

Bespreek nou vir Desember om by Asher Stable Stay te kom ontspan en die rustige atmosfeer van ons plaas te ervaar. Die eenhede is selfsorg met die opsie vir ontbyt in ons proelokaal op die landgoed.

Ons proelokaal sal oop wees tydens die feestyd.

Bespreek n olyftoer en geniet ‘n southappie-bord na die tyd met ‘n prentjie-mooi uitsig.

The Gift of Giving

De Rustica’s Victoria Still, together with the Somerset College students, have once again spread the joy of giving through our annual box drive! This year, our hearts were dedicated to the little ones at the kindergarten on the Oudemuragie road in De Rust, a community close to our hearts. Thanks to the incredible efforts, 60 beautifully crafted boxes filled with love and essentials were prepared for the children aged 2 to 6. A huge thank you to everyone’s generous support in making this initiative possible. Together, we’re creating smiles and building a brighter future for these young minds!

De Rustica Showcases a New Look!

Our marketing team has been hard at work revamping our online presence to create a more user-friendly and visually appealing experience for all our visitors. Take a moment to explore the new features and design, and don’t hesitate to let us know what you think!

Our packaging is undergoing a fantastic makeover that we are eager to unveil early next year! The team has been dedicated to giving our packaging a new face that aligns perfectly with our values and dedication to quality.

Thank you for being a part of this exciting journey with us. We value your support and look forward to continuing to serve you with our enhanced online presence and refreshed packaging.

Our Olive Oil Showroom Is Showcasing The Finest Selections

Our showroom is full of stock with the perfect festive gifts for loved ones. From our famous Bag in a box to our various extra virgin olive oils to our wonderful festive gift packs that will leave all expectations in awe.

Visit us today and experience the various festive joys that De Rustica has to offer.

Seasonal Greetings To All

As the year gracefully winds down, we find ourselves immersed in the spirit of reflection, cherishing the humble successes and embracing the lessons learned from our missteps in 2023. This journey has been filled with perseverance, growth, and resilience.

In the tapestry of De Rustica, you, our cherished customers, community, and dedicated employees, are the intricate parts that bring vibrancy and life to our story. As we stand at the threshold of a new chapter, we pause to express our deepest gratitude, for none of our triumphs would have been possible without your unwavering support.

You are the heartbeat of De Rustica, and it is with heartfelt sincerity that we extend our profound thanks to each and every one of you. Your support has been the driving force behind our endeavours.

In this season of giving, we find it fitting to turn the spotlight onto you, our valued customers. Your trust, loyalty, and enthusiasm have fueled our passion to deliver the best, and for that, we extend our warmest appreciation. It is through your support that De Rustica continues to thrive, and we are genuinely grateful for the privilege of serving you.

As we bid farewell to this year, let us carry forward the lessons learned, the memories shared, and the bonds strengthened. Here’s to the determined spirit of the community, the resilience of our team, and the enduring support of our customers. May the coming year bring forth new opportunities, continued growth, and the fulfilment of dreams.

We wish you a joyous holiday season and a bright, promising new year.