There is a saying among olive oil connoisseurs that goes,
“You will never know how bad olive oil tastes until you’ve tasted a good one.”


De Rustica Estate offers guided tours that provide
insights into the journey:

Tasting Tour- “Olive Oil Tasting Tour”
Duration: +- 40 minutes

Full Tour – “From Olive to Oil”
Duration +- 1hour 15min 

Come and enjoy an unforgettable time with us.

This tour will teach you everything, from the olive to the oil.

Witness the inner workings of our factory, and during the off-season, we offer a video to explain the factory operations.|

We conclude the tour with an olive oil tasting, where we taste different cultivars and styles.

Learn the difference between extra virgin olive oil vs virgin olive oil.



Seek for pleasant fruit flavours characteristic of fresh, ripe, or green olives. Ripe fruit yields oils that are milder, aromatic, buttery, and floral, while green fruit yields oils that are grassy, herbaceous, bitter, and pungent. Fruitiness also varies with the variety of olive.


Fresh olive oil will have a mostly pleasant, acrid flavour sensation on the tongue.


A peppery sensation in the mouth and throat is a sign of abundant nutrients in good, fresh extra virgin olive oil.



Well balanced, fresh, herbaceous Extra Virgin Olive Oil with lively pepper.

Positive attributes: Green olive, olive leaf, almond, tomato, artichoke.

An excellent oil to pair with salads, pasta, fish like yellowtail, chicken, steak.


Herbaceous and aromatic with hints of grass, artichokes, citrus blossom, and herbs.

Lots of radishes on the palate, green herbs, spicy pungency and with a very clean mouthfeel.

Well-balanced and complex.
Best served with red meat and food with robust flavours.

Balsamic Vinegar

Imported Italian Balsamic Vinegar 250ml.

Persistent, delicate and slightly acid, with woody overtones.

Estate Collection Frantoio

Well balanced aromas of green and half-ripe fruit. Strong aromas of almonds and green banana.

Some hints of creamed spinach. Very nutty on the palate with a pungency that reminds of radishes and a pleasant bitterness.

Very well-balanced with good persistence.

An excellent oil to pair with thinly sliced pineapple and crushed pink peppercorns, salads, fish like yellowtail (not delicate fish), chicken, steak.

Estate Collection Coratina

Aromas of dry herbs and grass, tomatoes, and freshly boiled green vegetables.

A clean mouthfeel with very good pungency that persists.

Bitterness more gentle than typically associated with Coratina.

Serve with boiled young potatoes and parsley or roasted vegetables.

Estate Collection Favolosa

De Rustica Estate Collection Favolosa EVOO

Well balanced aromas of green and half-ripe fruit. Flavours of macadamia nuts on the palate, smooth and mild with a slight peppery finish. Good mouthfeel.
Very well balanced and harmonious oil. An excellent oil to pair with food like salads, grilled vegetables and soups.