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How do I choose the right EVOO?

Did you know that all olive oils whether it’s a single cultivar or blend will fall in one of 3 categories?

Delicate | Medium | Intense 

Deciding if Olive Oil is Delicate, Medium or Intense will be determined by various factors such as specific cultivars used, the ripeness of fruit, climate, the area of origin,colour and the mouth-feel of oil.

De Rustica’s Estate Delicate is made by blending 2 cultivars, Koroneiki and Frantoio. The Koroneiki is an olive cultivar from Greece and its fruits are small but have a high-quality oil yield. Frantoio produces exceptionally high-quality olive oil that is highly regarded around the world. The oil is well balanced and fruity and has good stability.

It tastes like the fruit of green but riper olive, ripe banana, and tomato, tropical fruit, and almond. 

De Rustica’s Estate Medium is made by blending 2 cultivars Frantoio and FS17.

Frantoio is one of the most highly acclaimed oil varieties in the world. It is grown commercially in most olive growing regions. The Frantoio cultivar is self-pollinating with high, constant productivity. Combining these olives, and the olives of the FS17 cultivar, in the press results in lovely strong oil which can be purchased online or at De Rustica’s tasting room! The taste of the fruit of green and ripe olives, olive leaf, dry grass, mint, rosemary, and tomato leaf.

De Rustica’s Estate Intense is made by blending 2 cultivars FS17 and Coratina. Coratina is one of the olive cultivars that synthesise the highest content of phenolic compounds. The Coratina extra-virgin olive oils are true excellence within the scope of oil production, thanks to a phenolic composition of 1000mg/kg. Freshly-pressed, the Coratina olive oil may taste bitter and unbalanced, with a bit of a slightly sharp sensation. The extraordinary properties of the FS17 are characterized by an extremely low acidity and the elevated presence of natural anti-oxidizing substances, making it the perfect blending partner for De Rustica’s excellent Estate Instense extra virgin olive oil.

Offers a bold flavour, a balanced bitterness, and a very prominent peppery finish.

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Olive oil comes in many shades, with some being golden yellow while others are greener. There are two important factors that will greatly determine the colour and taste of the oil. 

  1. The Variety of the olive
  2. The time of harvest

Some varieties gives a greener oil than others such as the Coratina. The younger the olive the greener it will be. This is due to a high content of a natural green pigment called chlorophyll as well as a massive quantity of natural chemical anti-oxidants called poly-phenols.

Neither golden yellow nor green are an indication of quality – it’s just the characteristics of the particular olive.